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Maintenance of our toilet equipment is simple - our efficient cleaners will help you. They are organic and hlep conserve the environment.

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ZS-gel odour neutraliser

ZS-gel odour neutraliser

For odour-free toilets

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Biological<br>sanitary cleaner

sanitary cleaner

Environmentally friendly

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Tubefree drain cleaner

Tubefree drain cleaner

Efficient and environmentally friendly

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ZS-gel odour neutraliser

You can use a combination of an air freshener and odour neutraliser - both in the EcoStep-R1 hand dryer. It does not cover the odour, but rather efficiently removes it and thus it fills the toilet premises with a pleasant smell. It is environmentally friendly.

  • Solid gel
  • Agents neutralising odours
  • Lifetime of 3 to 6 months
  • For EcoStep-R1 hand dryer


sanitary cleaner

Veryefficient but non-aggressive cleaner. It eliminates odour and easily removes dry residues of soap and pollutants in toilet bowls. It forms a protective film due to which impurities do not settle on the surface.

  • Diluting rate 1:50
  • PH 7 (neutral)
  • Packing 1.5 or 10 litres
  • Recommended for maintenance of EcoStep urinals
  • Suitable for floor cleaning etc.


Tubefree drain cleaner

Tubefree two-stage drain cleaner efficiently removes scale, fatty residues and other pollutants and disinfects surfaces at the same time. It eliminates odours and is environmentally friendly.

  • Efficient disinfection and protection from bacteria
  • No alcohol, chlorine or formaldehyde
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% biodegradable
  • Usable as a surface disinfectant (after diluting with water 1:5)



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